Suggest our Charity of the Year for 2019/20

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Once again this year we are looking for students to help decide one of our two Raise and Give (RAG) charities for the next academic year.

For those unaware AberSU RAG is a single fund which is split equally between two pots annually:

  • The first is awarded to a Charity of the Year which is proposed and voted on by students during Freshers’ each year.
  • The second is placed into a Community Fund and distributed to local charities in Mid-Wales by the form of grants.

In addition to this Sports Clubs and Societies passionate about specific causes can fundraise for their chosen charity, although we encourage all students to support the above RAG Fund.

And so once again we are asking you for your suggestions of local, regional and national charities to go forward and be voted on by students during freshers’ in September.

Wojtek this year’s Opportunities Officer said:

"Each year students get a chance to choose what charities they want to support, which is an amazing opportunity to really make difference. Whether you’re interested in environment or sustainability issues, supporting those with major illnesses or helping the most vulnerable this is your chance to utilise all Aberystwyth students to support a cause you care deeply about."

Chosen submissions will be unveiled in the lead up to freshers’ with those proposing them invited to promote their given charity during the vote.

You can submit your suggestions using the form below, which will remain open until Wednesday 18th September.


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