Officer Blog - Pantycelyn update

Dim sgoriau eto. Mewngofnodi i Raddio

With September fast approaching despite the current circumstances surrounding covid-19, the development of Pantycelyn is making good progress and is on target. About 125 students have booked a place there, which means it's over 2/3 full, a figure they can be very proud of.

We look forward to welcoming the first residents to the “new and improved” Pantycelyn and will be working closely with the university to consider covid-19 guidance as the academic year approaches.

Over the past year, UMCA and its committee have been working with Rhodri Llwyd Morgan and the University to ensure that a there’s a strong Welsh-speaking community in Pantycelyn when it opens. A range of meetings have been held to discuss the University's plans for what will be available in Pantycelyn; for example teaching and rehearsal rooms for the Aelwyd, and how much control UMCA will have over the rooms. We are delighted to say that everyone is on the same page, that old and new customs will be established in Pantycelyn to ensure a strong Welsh language community.

In addition, following the Committee's tour of the building, we discussed the possibility of establishing the Pantycelyn Committee along with the UMCA committee. This is to ensure care for the community and the residents, and the inclusion of Pantycelyn with the UMCA Committee to look after all the Welsh-speaking students, across the campus.

We are delighted that Pantycelyn is re-opening and look forward to seeing it in its refurbished form as soon as possible.


Tomos Ifan

Welsh Culture Officer and UMCA President


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