A-team top tips on how to choose a sports club or society

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This year things will be a little different, but don’t worry, there are still virtual and in-person activities being run by a wide variety of clubs and societies!

You can chat to committee members and see what’s on offer by going to the online Freshers Fair on MS Teams this week - www.abersu.co.uk/freshers2020/virtualfreshers/ 

Or you can find more information on the Student Union website:

Societies: www.abersu.co.uk/teamaber/societies/

Sports: www.abersu.co.uk/teamaber/sports/


If you’re interested in a society or club, sign up for their mailing list! You can always unsubscribe if you decide you aren’t interested. And never be afraid to try something new; you never know who you might meet along the way.


The SU have also set up a way to get you in touch with people with similar interests to you; an easy way to make friends fast.

Just fill out the questionnaire, and you’ll be sent a Zoom chat full of people with similar interests to you


You get to choose what you want to do with your time here in Aber, nothing is too nerdy or restricted to stereotypes. Clubs and societies are open, friendly and inclusive. If there isn’t a society or club that you feel is for you, you can even start your own through the Student Union! Speak to the Opportunities staff in the SU and they’ll help you set something up!


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