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Aber Futsal was started in 2017 by Matthew Whilley (Wrexham futsal coach/player) with the aim of getting people playing and enjoying the game of futsal. Futsal is a very fast paced and exciting game, great for keeping fit, improving your touch on the ball and situational awareness on the court. Futsal is a 5 a-side match played indoors, with no 'fixed' positions so if you are fed up of playing your sport in cold weather or looking to improve your skills overall then come on down to one of our training sessions and meet a great bunch of lads and give futsal a go!

Despite being a relatively young club Aber Futsal has made huge strides within the university and nationally. In the first year we had no matches and just training. For the second year (2018-19) Aber Futsal entered into the Welsh National Futsal League where we finished 4th in the league coming up against some of the best teams in the country. In the same year we entered the FAW Cup (Welsh Futsal Cup) where we sadly got knocked out in the first stage but played two games in one day and put up the best game we've ever played in the second match but just couldn't get the win. This year Aber Futsal is going into the BUCS Western 2B League (bottom league but you have to start somewhere). We are hoping to carry on the success from the last two years and get promotion into the next league, however, with tough competition we are in need of some new players! Catch us at freshers fair (Tuesday 24th 09:30-16:00) we can be found at stall 26 next to DIGS League and Gymnastics or give us a message if you are interested, details can be found below. 


16:30-18:00 every Monday
17:00-18:00 every Thursday

Location: Sports Cage.


President - Joseph Wells or 'Joe'. Member since 2017 and joint Top Goalscorer of the Year 2018-19. During last years futsal season Joe put up some impressive shots and with his powerful kick many teams were rattled. Joe is in his second year of university studying Equine Science. As well as futsal Joe has plenty of experience in football being Captain/Coach of AFC Gwatch (DIGS team) for two years and having played football since the age of 5. Joe is the backbone of the club and any problems regarding futsal then Joe is your go to person. 

Treasurer - Sammy Grinsell or 'Irish'. Member since 2017 and winner of Managers Player of the Year and Players Player of the Year 2018-19. Irish is your go to man for motivation in futsal. Not one to miss a training session or match he constantly puts 110% into futsal. This year Irish will be running the training sessions alongside Joe and Magee. In his spare time Irish studies Veterinary Biosciences and is currently researching dog shit and its properties, interesting. Irish will be your go to person regarding finances of the club. 

Secretary - Alexander Magee or 'Magee'. Founding member of the club, Magee helped Matthew Whilley set up Aber Futsal in 2017 and held the position of treasurer for the first two years. Magee is also joint Top Goalscorer of the Year 2018-19 alongside Joe as well as winning Most Improved Player of 2018-19. Whilst not being the best player Magee puts in 110% to futsal and will always be there to motivate the team to keep pushing. Magee is studying for a Masters in International Politics having graduated this summer. Magee will be your go to contact with most questions and will be the one you will hear from the most at Aber Futsal. 

Social Secretaries - Krzysztof Marciniak or 'Chris' and Joshua Brigden or 'Josh'. Both Chris and Josh have been members of futsal since 2017. Chris won Social King of the Year 2018-19 so is highly suited to the role of social sec at Aber Futsal. Josh was Goalkeeper of the Year 2018-19 with an impressive record. Josh has been social sec for the Bee Society so knows what he is doing when running a social. Both of them together will make the socials of Aber even greater than last years with highlights being Shit Shirt, 90s night and the Magee Social. Both will be in charge of running any charity events run throughout the year. Chris in his spare time studies Computer Science and Josh studies Biology with an integrated Masters. Any requests for themed socials these are the guys to talk to. 

Contact Details:

If you have any questions email us below or get in touch via Facebook/Instagram. 

Joe - jow68@aber.ac.uk
Irish - sag47@aber.ac.uk
Magee - alm78@aber.ac.uk
Chris - kkm10@aber.ac.uk
Josh - job86@aber.ac.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/aberfutsal/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/aberfutsal/

Code of Conduct:


Risk Assessment:

https://www.abersu.co.uk/asset/Organisation/9153/Risk-Assessment(1).docx (For Students use)

https://www.abersu.co.uk/asset/Organisation/9153/Generic-Sports-Activities-2019.pdf (Sports cage risk assessment)



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