Volunteering Term 1 Round-Up

As a student at Aberystwyth volunteering encompasses so many different things, so it’s great to see such a diverse range of activites and roles!

So far this term over 3,200 hours of volunteering has been recorded, but that’s just from 113 individuals! This is amazing in itself! However, we have over 400 registered volunteers, so imagine how many un-recorded hours and activities there currently are!

Activites this term have ranged from…

  • Academic Reps attending SSCCs and collecting student feedback.
  • A-Team welcoming new and returning students, as well as helping to keep students safe at night.
  • Sport/Society Committee Members holding meetings, running training sessions, fundraising and organising trips or socials.
  • Peer Guides meeting with 1st year students throughout the term to answer all important questions and provide support.
  • Community volunteers helping with a whole range of activities from conversation tasks to dolphin surveys, from scouting and girlguiding to helping in charity shops and from hospital visits to first aid patrols.

Some of the newest volunteering roles and activites this year have included Aberystwyth Harriers sucessfully running the Aber Town 5k race, students attending dementia friends training and volunteers taking on the role of our new Team Aber mascot, DragonyMcDragonFace!

Whatever volunteering students have taken part in this time, it’s fair to say that they will have made a difference!

If you’ve volunteered this term, you can still work towards the Aber Award and get recognition for your volunteering!

  1. Go to www.abersu.co.uk/volunteering
  2. Register as a volunteer
  3. Log your hours, skills and activites in the volunteer hub.

If you’re logging your hours from this term, please don’t bunch your hours! Instead record what you did on a weekly basis. We verifiy all the hours and need a good understanding of what you’ve done to be able to award you!

If you don’t currently volunteer, but want to get involved, go to our current opportunites page. https://www.abersu.co.uk/teamaber/volunteering/currentopportunities/

With this term coming to an end, we just want to say thank you and well done to everyone! We look forward to seeing what volunteering you’ll do next term!


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