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These awards recognise the dedication of students to their Sports Club, recognising contributions socially, competitively and professionally.

This year we received 411 nominations & the shortlisting panel met virtually to read through the nominations and make some tough decisions.

We would like to congratulate everyone that was nominated as well as those winning the categories this evening. Congratulations to all! ??



This club does a lot of sustainable cultural/community work, they volunteered their session during SHAG week to promote body confidence etc and during the LGBTQ+ pride event in February they made their presence known. They celebrate the culture of pole dance and introduce it to new people by showing people the values and benefits of the sport to try and battle the stigma that they are not a sport and the highly sexualised image of pole. Environmentally, the club focusses on finding sponsors with eco-friendly production, with one of them using recycled plastic packaging and another using recycled materials and waste fabric. The club ensures environmental sustainability by investing in equipment and using club funds with members in mind- in the wider sense the club purchases from local companies which keeps money and investment local to Aberystwyth.

Congratulations Aerial Fitness!

1.     Aerial Fitness

2.     Sailing



This club is deserving of the Welsh Culture Award as they understand the significance of Welsh culture and explore Welsh history. The club consistently talk about the significance of Welsh cultural events that took place in the landscapes surrounding Mid Wales, such as Tryweryn. They have also been spotted on social media reciting Welsh poems, and translating not just the words, but the meaning of the poem to their members who might not understand the language but want to appreciate the culture and history of Wales. This club has gone above and beyond when celebrating Welshness, alongside using Welsh in their promotional material and celebrating the Welsh language.

Llongyfarchiadau Hiking Club!

  1. Hiking Club

  2. Harriers Athletics Club



The most improved club of the Year this year has shown a surreal amount of resilience after a very tough year last year. They have grown as a club both in their membership numbers (+45%) and what they offer to those members. This year they have given all members the opportunity to partake in regular lessons in Lluest (instead of the 10 members before), allowing the club to have 3 teams competing in local unaffiliated dressage competitions with some members qualifying for a dressage championship show this May. This has been key to motivating members to engage in training and creating brand new opportunities that weren’t available before this year. All of this was achieved whilst they unfortunately lost their home advantage for BUCS but continuing to perform exceptionally well. The club are confident they can continue this progression for the club.

Congratulations Equestrian!

1.     Equestrian

2.     Volleyball

3.     Men’s Football



This Club has raised £1,111 for Crisis, Welsh Air Ambulance and Renagade Relief Runners with all of their ticket sales from their Winter showcase being split between these causes. They have contributed their time and have connected with the wider Team Aber community by partaking in several SU activities and events including SHAG week and the LGBTQ+ Pride event in February.

Congratulations Aerial Fitness!

  1. Aerial Fitness

  2. Netball

  3. Showdance



This club has competed in 3 national ballroom and Latin dance events throughout the year as part of the IVDC, competing against universities from across the UK. Some of their results included 5th in team match at Birmingham competition and 3rd at Blackpool. These are some of the best results DanceSport has seen in years and in getting the Aberystwyth name up on the leader board at such prestigious events, DanceSport have represented the University well and furthered the reputation of the University. The club also have a high number of individual finalists and semi-finalists across the competitions, with 5th place beginners jive and 1st place Novice B Ballroom, at the Birmingham competition, and from Blackpool competition they had a 5th place beginners Cha Cha, 7th place beginners Jive and a couple of quarterfinalists! In both team matches we had a first place -rated couple and a second-place rated couple. One nomination noted “the enthusiasm and sportsmanship displayed was consistently positive and I couldn't be more impressed by a single team!”. Their success is evident from the 9 nominations they have received for this award.

Congratulations Dance Sport!

1.     Dance Sport

2.     Harriers Athletics Club

3.     Tarannau Cheerleading



Making it to the Women's Western Conference Cup for 3 years running is definitely an achievement to be awarded. This team has won 75% of their matches this season, only loosing 2 games this year and came home from the finals with a silver medal. Their nominations also noted the amazing spirit the team has on and off the court which has represented the University well. I’m sure their leaving members will be sincerely missed from the team next season.

Congratulations Women’s Basketball!

4.     Women’s Basketball

5.     Women’s Football

6.     Women’s Badminton



This Club have demonstrated throughout the year that they can work together well.  They have organised a wide breath of activities for their members all year including going on tour to climb outdoors in Tenerife. Their communication as a committee has allowed them to successfully pull of these events whilst also making their members all feel welcome,

Congratulations Mountaineering Club!

1.     Mountaineering Club

2.     Aerial Fitness

3.     Volleyball



This individual is a much loved and valued member of Team Aber as shown through their 8 nominations, nominations spoke about how they never fail to light up the room, they are open and understanding to all members new and old. They make themselves known within the club as someone their members can lean on for comfort and supports and have been described as a ray of sunshine when the club’s spirits can be low. They’re also noted to be a remarkable sportsperson and coach to both the Women’s and Men’s teams and a true asset to the club, we have no doubt he’ll be a well-remembered member of the team Aber community.

Congratulations Thijanushan Thavarajah, Volleyball!

1.     Thijanushan Thavarajah, Volleyball

2.     Dominic Rowley, Badminton

3.     Jack Foxton, Boat Club



The winner of this award has been recognised for their clear talent in their sport- they have placed in the finals of their respective sports four times for different categories, earning medals and a trophy for their outstanding performance at Blackpool IVDC (Inter Varsity Dance Championship). At the Bangor varsity performance, Lucy also performed front-row for DanceSport in our Latin routine, not to mention the additional 6 dances she performed for Showdance, and the last-minute performance she volunteered to perform in to fill the street-dance category so that Aberystwyth didn't get an automatic mark of zero!

Congratulations Lucy Clarke , Dance Sport!

1.     Lucy Clarke, Dance Sport

2.     Michael Lawrence, Dance Sport

3.     Jack Foxton, Boat Club



In first place is a club who are committed to running activities every weekend as well as a secondary activity slightly easier to ensure that people don't feel unable to come even if they're not as experienced. The variety of activities also takes into consideration their member’s other life activities during the week. It has become one of the largest clubs in the university, without losing its sense of friendship and enjoyment. AberSU’s Club of the Year is AberHike.

Congratulations to our Club of the Year: Hiking Club!

1.     Hiking Club

2.     Mountaineering Club

3.     Aerial Fitness



This is an extremely coveted award now with a maximum of 15 available to give out per year.

Full University Sports Colours are awarded to individual students who have shown continued outstanding dedication or made an exceptional contribution to their club, whilst also demonstrating commitment to the SU and/or student sport. In exceptional circumstances, students may also be awarded colours for excelling at their chosen sport to a high level, including winning an international/national or BUCS Competition or representing their sport at a national/international level.

The 15 winners for University Sports Colours are as follows:

·       Ace Hall

·       Aime Tonkin

·       Ben Lloyd

·       Cameron Mckallin-skinner

·       Carys Prynne

·       Jessica Cadwallader

·       Joe Wood

·       Katie Langslow

·       Lucy Clarke

·       Maddison Hill

·       Megan Williams

·       Oliver Knappett

·       Pom Boontarikaan

·       Saffron Luxford

·       Sam Bithell


A huge congratulations to all nominees and winners of the 2023 AberSU Celebrates Sports Awards.

Da iawn / Well done from us all at AberSU



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