Dim sgoriau eto. Mewngofnodi i Raddio

These awards recognise the contribution of societies and individual students in enhancing the Aber University experience.

This year we received 276 nominations & the shortlisting panel met to read through the nominations and make some tough decisions.

We would like to congratulate everyone that was nominated as well as those winning the categories this evening.



The winner of this award promotes and finds new ways to reuse old material, and played a large role during Green Week hosting daily activities surrounding reducing, reusing and recycling. From old clothing to bedsheets and donated materials, this group is dedicated to improving their environmental sustainability not only within the university but also the wider community.

Congratulations Aber Crafts!

  1. Aber Crafts
  2. Bee Conservation
  3. ACV



This group have not only pushed the running of Welsh lessons with their members but have also been keen celebrators of the Welsh Culture through a dedicated social for St David’s Day and also teaming up with other cultural societies to celebrate.

Llongyfarchiadau Geography Society!

  1. Geography Society
  2. Elizabethan Madrigal Singers
  3. Aber Crafts



This society, after gaining a not so popular reputation in the wider student community, has strived to create a more inclusive, relaxed environment for their members. They have gone from a socials-only society to organising trips and webinars with industry experts, as well as engaging with local businesses.

Congratulations Agriculture Society!

  1. Agriculture Society
  2. Geography Society
  3. Curtain Call



The winner of this award strives in creating a community to support anyone who’s feeling low. Members involved give up hours of their free time each shift to listen and be there for their fellow students. They have also fundraised for charity through bake sales and contributing towards University Mental Health Day.  

Congratulations Nightline!

  1. Nightline
  2. ACV
  3. St John Ambulance Cymru - Aberystwyth LINKS



In first place is an individual who was hands down called a ‘lifesaver’. They are known for being fun, friendly and supportive but flies under the radar with their responsibility roles which is another reason why they were nominated for this award. You’ll always find them keeping the morale up with their upbeat and joyful attitude whilst also cracking a few jokes (or potentially even cracking some eggs)  

Congratulations Jade Roberts from Curtain Call!

  1. Jade Roberts (Curtain Call)
  2. Dave Davies (TaskSoc)
  3. Rhian Jones (KPOP)



This committee have developed their society to offer three different activities a week (a chill event, a drinking social and an active event) to appeal to a wide range of members and consider different accessibility needs. They have also organised events alongside similar societies across Wales and even the rest of the UK. They are also never afraid to email for help or advice to ensure there are no issues with their activities.

Congratulations SSAGO!

  1. SSAGO
  2. KPOP
  3. Curtain Call



this society have gone above and beyond to ensure that they are known around campus. One event which will always stay in the officer’s heads is when their Give It A Go session took over the entirety of the Underground because it was so popular! Their time together as a society is full of fun and is also a safe haven for some of their members. One nomination read ‘This society has made me feel welcome even with my disabilities and made being with people fun again. One thing I really appreciate because of my autism was that the society is always making sure people are aware of when events are happing over multiple platforms like Instagram, discord and email as well as a monthly calendar that can be looked at to plan the months.’

Congratulations Aber Crafts!

  1. Aber Crafts
  2. d/Deaf Society
  3. Modern Languages Society



This society have been described as the ‘centre of [their] department’, contributing to improve their inclusion whilst also involving staff and lecturers in what they do. Even if you don’t study with them, you know you’re going to be welcomed at a social or society event.  

Congratulations Geography Society!

  1. Geography Society
  2. Physics and Astronomy Society
  3. English and Creative Writing Society



The Society Person of The Year is an individual who has gone out of their way to make their events as accessible for all as possible, as well as facilitating the increase from 1 event to 2 a week this year. In November, they chaired and ran a national event for over 300 people  and represented Aberystwyth with great respect. One nomination said ‘The society truly won't be the same when he leaves this summer, and it has been a pleasure to be on committee with him.’

Congratulations Aaron Ramsey (SSAGO)!

  1. Aaron Ramsey (SSAGO)
  2. Andrine Vanberg (St John Ambulance Cymru - Aberystwyth LINKS
  3. Maddy Cook (Curtain Call)



In first place, is certainly a jampacked group who never seem to stop! As well as putting on two full scale shows, this society makes sure to give the time for everyone who wants to to showcase their talent and passion. Their first show this year was completely sold out (which annoyed us as we wanted to see it!) and their second opens next week. One nomination said ‘Everyone here is so nice and accepting, it’s definitely become a place where I feel free to express myself without fear of judgement which is usually very difficult for me. I have also met a lot of wonderful people I wouldn’t have otherwise!’

Congratulations to our Society of the Year: Curtain Call!

  1. Curtain Call
  2. Geography Society
  3. KPOP



This is an extremely coveted award now with a maximum of 15 available to give out per year.

Full University Societies Colours are awarded to individual students who have shown continued outstanding dedication or made an exceptional contribution to their society.


The 15 winners for University Societies Colours are as follows:

  • Alastair Stewart
  • Andrine Vangberg
  • Chelsea Scott
  • Chloe Strange
  • Eli Latham
  • Elizabeth Knappett
  • Evelyn Gale
  • Jade Roberts
  • Jasneet Samrai
  • Jenny Thyer
  • Matt Owen
  • Natalie Kraus
  • Rhian Jones
  • Richard Dannenberg
  • Zoe Bainbridge


A huge congratulations to all nominees and winners of the 2023 AberSU Celebrates Societies Awards!!!!!

Da iawn / Well done from us all at AberSU



Dolenni defnyddiol

Elusen Gofrestredig

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