Results - NUS Conference and Autumn By-Elections

Dim sgoriau eto. Mewngofnodi i Raddio

Congratulations to everyone who stood and voted!


Volunteer Officer Positions

Disabled Students Officer

Aaron Daniels


Independent Students Officer

Sam Wilding


Mature Students Officer

J.M. Dearden


Postgraduate Students Officer

Asif Khan


Trustee Positions

Postgraduate Trustee

Dan Steward


NUS Delegate Positions

NUS National Conference Delegates

Dhan Ramnatsing

Molly-Jean Longden

Oliver Earl


NUS Wales Conference Delegates

Oliver Earl

Rosedona Williams


NUS Women’s Conference Delegates

Molly-Jean Longden

Rosedona Williams


NUS Disabled Students Conference Delegates

Joe Kirkwood


A full breakdown of voting is available on request by emailing

You can download these results as a pdf from our central elections results page


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