New Club and Society Spotlight: Handball Club

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Our club plays a ball sport called Handball. Handball is a combination of basketball, soccer and netball. It is played indoors with seven players on each team. The objective is to score more goals than the other team. We train handball three times a week, where we practice on the attack, defence, we do also play some fun team games. We try to organize friendly matches with other universities, which we have succeeded with so far. We have won every game that we have played so far.


Why was the club/society set up?

The club got set up because there were not an active Handball club in Aberystwyth. We thought it could be interesting for those who had never tried handball before.

What inspired you to set up this club/society? // What inspired you to get involved?

We knew there were people in Aber that had played Handball before and wanted to keep playing. We also knew that some people were interested in trying a new sport. Alongside this, we wanted to showcase a sport that is not that typical in the UK. Consequently, we decided to create a new club!

What are some of the club/society's highlights so far?

Some of the club´s highlights have been to the friendly matches we have been playing this year. We focus on having fun and being patient while learning the game properly. We have been focused on creating a stable club that many people can find helpful. As mentioned, we have focused on organizing games against other universities, so that the players can get the most out of their membership. We have also been doing different charity events for organizations such as MIND.

What have you got planned for the new academic year?

For the new academic year, we plan to organize more games and set up a men’s team. Also organize more charity events for different organizations, like do a clean-up day at the beach, and do a sober month.

What has been the best part setting up a new club/society? // What has been the best part of getting involved with a new club/society? 

The best part of setting up a new club is that you can organize it how you want it to be, and listen to the feedback from the committee and the players on the team. We also have an advantage of everyone being on the same level, as everything is new for everyone. The best part of creating a new club is to see that people grow further, and people seem to happy with the work we do.

What did you find to be the biggest challenge when starting a new club/society? // What did you find to be the biggest challenge to getting involved with a new club/society? 

The biggest challenges of creating a new club is that: You are not familiar with how the system works, and sometimes you need to figure it out by your self or get inspired by other societies/clubs. The biggest challenge for the members is to get involved with a sport that they might not be familiar with. It can also be that you are afraid to try the sport on your own; therefore, our committee wants to make sure that every new member feels welcome and wants to stay.

How can people keep up to date with your activities and get in touch with you?

If people would like to get involved with us check us out on:
Facebook: @Auhandball 
Insagram: @auhandball
Website: Handball Club

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