Mared 21-22' Round-up

Dim sgoriau eto. Mewngofnodi i Raddio

It’s been a pleasure to be able to represent you across the last year as Welsh Culture Officer and UMCA President.

I’ve learnt loads and have enjoyed working in the Union with the rest of the officers and staff. From UMCA’s standpoint, I’m extremely proud of what our members and sub-societies have achieved. I had the privilege organising many events across the year with y Ddawns Ryngolegol, the RAG Week and Hwyl yr Wyl Week to name just a few. It’s been great having everyone back together following a period pausing everythin because of covid-19. A personal highlight was watching UMCA compete in the Eisteddfod Ryngolegol and winning several first prizes, especially the Chair and the Crown thanks to the amazing gifts of Twm Ebbsworth and Tomos Lynch.

I’ve enjoyed being able to learn more about the University and representing Welsh speaking students on the main boards whilst working with different departments to ensure that the standards of bilingualism are met in modules. It’s been a pleasure being part of the Council and getting to know so many inspiring people. This last year will undoubtedly stay with me for ever.

I’m so thankful to you as students for enabling me to fulfil a dream through getting to do this job. I would like to thank all the Union and University staff for guiding me throughout the year. I wish good luck to Dafi Jones for his year as UMCA President and Welsh Culture Officer. I’m sure you will all be in safe hands under his care.



Ni wnaed unrhyw sylw. Mewngofnodwch i roi sylw.

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