Hannah 21-22 Round-up

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It has been an incredible opportunity working in the Students Union this year as the Wellbeing Officer and meeting so many of you.

Looking back at the year I’m so proud of all the things that we have achieved as a team and it’s been my pleasure working along side Rachel, Elizabeth, Mared and Sabina. My biggest highlight would definitely be the SU winning the NUS Wales 2022 Campaign of the Year award for our ‘Anti-Spiking Campaign’ at the start of the year. It was amazing to see how quickly we could all come together to try and resolve a big issue that was affecting many.

It’s also been a great accomplishment to be able to work alongside local police to help put in a bid for funding from the government to start implementing safety measure surrounding the safety and protection of women at night time and violence against women and girls - this will see the implementation of ‘Safer Spaces’ in Town for the next academic year. I wish you all the best of luck in your studies and with your results and it has been my pleasure being your Wellbeing Officer for 2021-22.

Hannah x


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