Spotlight on Eleri Wyn – Communication & Engagement Manager

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Over the Summer, it’s time for us as a Students’ Union to reflect on the year that’s just been, prepare to welcome new and current students to Aber in September and put plans in place for a full events and activity programme for 2020-2021.

The summer months are also a time to welcome and train new officer teams in readiness for the year ahead. Supporting the officer team are a family of SU staff working behind the scenes to ensure Aberystwyth students have the opportunity to love student life and be ready for anything.

We would love to take the opportunity over the next few months to introduce our AberSU family – who are all here for you if you need help, advice or a chat.

Spotlight on Eleri Wyn – Communication & Engagement Manager


What is your SU role:

Communication & Engagement Manager – I basically look after the website, social media & any other communication streams, as well as manage media sales income.


Where is home?

Home will always be on the farm with my Dad and sisters in mid Wales – but now making our Ceredigion house a home with my little family.


It’s your last meal on earth… what’s on the menu?

Lamb dinner (but has to be lamb from home)


Outside of work, what are your favourite pastimes or hobbies?

Spending time with my little boy Harri, visiting family and friends, going for walks, singing with a local choir and I take photos of literally everything.


What do you love about working in Aberystwyth?

I love going for walks on the seafront after a day in work… if you ever have a tough day it really helps to go for a walk and fresh sea air.


If you weren’t in your SU role…what would you be?

I love making my own prints and greeting cards as gifts for friends or family occasions…maybe I would have the courage to turn this into a little business.


What part(s) of your job do you enjoy the most?

I love that every day is different… no two days are the same.


Before working here, have you had much involvement with the students’ union or student groups?

As a student I wasn’t involved in much students’ union activity, apart from the odd UMCA activities and groups. Despite this, my whole working experience has been working for democratic organisations, and the similarities between these has been helpful.


AberSU is… a community for Aber students to meet lifelong friends

AberSU is not… a bar


Summer isn’t ‘quiet time’ for Students’ Unions…what are you going to be busy working on over the Summer? 

Mainly planning for the next academic year… but with a big focus on freshers communications (i.e. wallplanner, freshers' mini site & welcome post for new students) and updating & maintaining the AberSU website (which includes a new finance platform for student groups and making sure our staff have the training they need to update the site).


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