Housing is in abundance here at Aber and whatever you’re looking, be that private accommodation or into University halls, there’s still plenty of time to seek out the perfect home for you. Our recent Love it, Hate it, Rate it Survey found that 27% of students felt pressured to sign for a house and 17% of that by providers themselves so make sure you’re making the decision that is right for you and not for anyone else.

It’s also worth noting that while 15% of students in the survey signed for their accommodation between October and December, 85% of students signed between January and September so there will still be properties available throughout the year. Make sure you’re taking the time to properly know what you want from a property, from a contract and from the people you’ll be living with.

Remember that if you’re a first year (or even third year, postgrad or just looking for new housemates), you’ve only really known other students for around 6 weeks which might seem like ages but is in fact an incredibly short amount of time to know for sure if those you’re considering living with for the next year are a perfect fit. Make sure you’re living with students who will support each other throughout the year and that you’ll enjoy living with! After all, contracts are really difficult to leave if you all fall out before you even move in!

Remember that signing up for a house is a big commitment and signing that contract is legally binding so you’ll want to be absolutely sure that it’s the house for you. But remember signing for accommodation is ultimately a fab experience where you and your mates discover the place you’ll live and laugh together for another year so make sure you enjoy it, imagine the space with your stuff in and find that perfect place for you.

Lots of love from your Wellbeing Officer, Lydia :)  xx


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