Committee Q&A: Sabina O’Donoghue (Bee Soc Social Secretary 19-20)

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What committee are you part of and what roles have you held?

I am the Social Secretary for Bee Conservation. My job is mainly organising socials that are enjoyable and inclusive to all members, as well as organising and other fun events.


What made you want to run for a committee role?

Joining Bee Soc was such a huge part of my first year, so becoming part of committee was my way of giving back to the society. I’m a huge people person so social sec seemed like the right job for me.


What has been the most enjoyable part of being on committee?

It’s nice to see people enjoying the socials we planned, and it’s quite rewarding when the members have good things to say about the socials we put a lot of effort into organising. The most important part is making sure people are happy and having fun, which is so lovely to see for any committee member.


Can you tell us about a time where your role was challenging?

Trying to balance university work as well as committee duties can be challenging sometimes. It’s important to take a step back if you need to focus on yourself, which can seem quite hard to do. I also learned quite early on in the year that it is impossible to make everyone happy; you can only do your best. At times, decision making can be difficult, but that is when you look to the rest of committee for help.


Do you feel that being on a committee has been beneficial in terms of preparing you for the future?

My organisation skills and time management have definitely improved; a lot more planning goes into events and socials than I anticipated. Teamwork and leadership are also a huge part of being on committee, alongside overseeing large groups of people. They are such important skills for any job you may have in the future.


What piece of advice would you give to an incoming committee member?

There is no denying that being a committee member is a big commitment so just make sure to communicate with the rest of the committee if you need help with your workload/responsibilities. Always stand up for ideas and opinions that you believe in. The most important part of being on committee is communication; don't be afraid to ask if you are unsure of anything.

Check out more about the Bee Conservation Society here. If you want to know more about getting involved with societies or being on committee get in touch with your Student Opportunities Officer (


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