AberSU Celebrates Shortlist Announcement 2024 - Teaching, Learning, & Student Experience

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We are delighted to announce the final shortlist for the 2024 AberSU Celebrates, Teaching, Learning & Student Experience Awards. These awards aim to promote best practices by acknowledging teaching excellence and recognising the efforts of both staff and students towards enhancing the student experience. We extend our congratulations to all nominees and shortlisted candidates.

Here are the shortlisted candidates…


Academic Representative of the Year:

Marcus Hall

Francesco Lanzi

Harriet Goodchild

Beth Dickson

Mercedes Obeng

Kieran Norton-Walder

Harry Foat


Support/Service Staff Member of the Year:

Helen Williams

Jessica Jackson

Rosa Soto

Heather Phillips

Alana Batty-Hughes

Claudine Young

Rejashree Swain


Personal Tutor of the Year:

Gwenallt Ifan

Neal Alexander

Hannah Hughes

Rosemary Cann

Matthew Price

Annabel Latham

Arddun Arwyn


Student Mentor of the Year:

Dax FitzMedrud

Nadia Benjelloun


Department of the Year:

History & Welsh



English & Creative Writing

Department of Life Science


Sustainability Champion of the Year:

Dan Whitlock

El Williams


Student Volunteer the Year:

Ren Feldbruegge

Saffron Luxford

Xavier Powley

Trys Hooper

Harry Foat

Jess Chen

Beca Wright


Supervisor of the Year:

Arwyn Edwards

Catherine O’Hanlon

Lucy Trotter

Gil Greengross

Abby Monk

Amanda Clare


Lecturer of the Year:

Ann Matthews

Chris Finlayson

Simon Payne

Bruce Wright

Jen Phipps

Paul Croft

Bethan Poyser


Liberation Champion Award:

Dax FitzMedrud

Xavier Powley

Ren Feldbruegge

Ifeyinwa Anaduak


Student Staff Member of the year:

Jack Foxton

Lauren Middleton

Ren Feldbruegge

Renata Freeman

Harry Rolls

Siobhan Griffin

Senthil Raja Kumar


Commitment to Student Employability Award:

Scott Tompsett

Stanislav Kollarik

Ian Harris

Simon Payne

Steffi Aden-Jame




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