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We are the Aberystwyth Robotics Club!!!

We’re a student society supported by the Infinity Exhibition and Aberystwyth Robotics Club (outreach) devoted to making friends and working with those who share a common interest in robotics.


Throughout the academic year we meet weekly to showoff what we've been working on and to help each other out with whatever challenges we may be facing that week. We take part in numerous outreach events including the weekly after-school robotics club a great opportunity for those interested in going into teaching and science week where we show off what we've been working on to thousands of secondary school students. 


Do I have what it takes?

  • Of course! - No experience required, just enthusiasm!
  • We learn as we go along:
    • Peer Learning.
    • Experience in a wide variety of technology.


Why should you join us:

Members of our society have the opportunity to work alone or collaberatively on robotics projects of any skill level while being supported by university staff and other society members.

You will have the opportunity to develop skills in:

  • Working in teams on engineering projects
  • Programming systems that interact with the real world
  • Developing robotic platforms
  • Debugging complex systems
  • Public speaking and presentation
  • Mentoring children in technical subjects


The robotics workshop takes place from 2:30 to 3:00 every Wednesday in Part 1 lab (MP 1.00), Physical sciences building, for covid reasons please book a "ticket" (it's free) , the first two sessions for new members are free to attend and do not require membership.

We also have plan to have frequent social events including movie nights, competitions, trips out to meuseums and robotic events, and of course drinking socials in town (pandemic permitting).

For more information please visit our website.

Our constitiution and code of conduct can be found here.

The Robotics Society is dedicated to the inclusion and acceptance of all members regardless of age, race, ethnicity, ability, culture or nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religious affiliation, socio-economic status and marital status.

Risk Assesment: Here is the risk assesment for the Part 1 IMPACS Lab where the society is run.

All equipment belongs to IMPACS, we just borrow/use it,

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