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Aber's ACS is a diverse student society with a goal to unite students of different backgrounds to appreciate, promote and celebrate the African and Caribbean cultures in its ethnicity.


The African-Caribbean society aims to provide a platform for all members to share, showcase and celebrate the rich and diverse cultures that exist across various Afro-Caribbean backgrounds. As a society that prides itself on inclusivity, we welcome anyone who would love to learn about the Afro-Caribbean culture regardless of cultural heritage.

We regularly host a variety of social events that allows members and non-members to interact in a fun and relaxing environment; from nights out, to nights in to cater for those that prefer one to the other. We know university can be a fun yet scary place; we promise to help guide you through it, within our family-like environment you’ll be guaranteed to have a comfortable safe space for you to make lasting friendships during your time at university and thereafter as well as experience new cultures. Come join us now!

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