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Whether you enjoy building rockets, making friends or just drinking we're the society for you. We've got workshops, competitions and trips. So join our society and follow us on Facebook today!


Design. Build. Launch.

Interested in physics, maths, engineering, computer science or just like rocketry?

In the coming year we have so much planned! Come join us for one of our rocket workshops, where you can design, build and launch your own rocket, or help us design, engineer and program a rocket as a team. We also have trips planned to museums and conferences with other students and proffesionals. For those of you who are after something more chill we socials including drinking and film nights, as well as some BBQs. Or maybe you want to impress future employers? Well come help us with one of our competitions: building rockets to to take payloads to new heights and designing next generation cube satelllites. 

Our long-term goal is to launch a model rocket which will break the UK’s altitude record. To do so, we want to design and custom build a vehicle along with the engine and communication systems which would allow us to make our dream come true. If you have coding experience, you can become a control systems engineer; physics knowledge, an aerospace dynamics expert; engineering experience, a rocket scientist. We welcome people of all skill levels, whether you are looking to learn more or just join in the fun!

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Our Committee [2021/22]

The President

Max Dooley

The Secretary

Rose Awen Brindle

The Social Secretary

Isabelle Minz 

The Treasurer

Emily Wood


Our constitution is here.

Code of Conduct is here.

Risk Assesment is here.

Equipment List is here.

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