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Mewngofnodwch i ymuno â'r sefydliad hwn ..





We welcome all animal-loving prospective members and those who have an interest in the animal sector into the Animal and Veterinary Society (AAVS)!


Aberystwyth Animal & Veterinary Society


                                                                     To keep up to date about us, our socials and events, you can find us on our Facebook and Instagram pages  

About Us:

The Animal and Veterinary Society (AAVS) was created to welcome all animal-loving prospective members and those who have an interest in the animal sector.


Socials and Events:

Our socials range from themed night outs to sober socials such as documentary nights, bingo, quizzes and much more- there is something for everyone!

Beyond fortnightly socials, AAVS also organises monthly guest lectures and animal-related trips. As well as representing AAVS in events such as Superteams and the AberChallenge held by the Student Union. 




Details about this year’s committee (2021- 2022) can be found below.   




Our general membership for £5.00 is for anyone who wants to join AAVS, you will have access to all of our socials, events, monthly guest lectures and trips! 

The academic membership for £2.50 is for those who wish to be affiliated with the club through participating monthly guest lectures and events. If you purchase this membership you will not be able to participate in any socials or trips.


Inclusivity Statement:

The Animal and Veterinary Society is dedicated to the inclusion and acceptance of all members regardless of age, race, ethnicity, ability, culture or nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religious affiliation, socioeconomic status and marital status.


Important Documents:

As a committee, and being a part of the Aberystwyth University Student Union, we are dedicated to providing students with a welcoming, friendly and inclusive space. The following documents are up to date and in compliance with all rules and regulations concerning AberSU and the Student Group Bye-laws, which the committee has agreed to abide by.

Constitution     Code of Conduct     Risk Assessment (General)     Risk Assessment (Guest Lectures)     Equipment List


Aberystwyth Animal & Veterinary Society


                                                     Er mwyn cadw’n gyfoes ynglyn â ni a’n digwyddiadau cymdeithasol, gallwch ddod o hyd i ni ar ein tudalennau Facebook ac Instagram


Amdanom ni:

Sefydlwyd y Gymdeithas Anifeiliaid a Milfeddygaeth (AAVS) i groesawu pob darpar aelod sy'n caru anifeiliaid, a'r rhai sydd â diddordeb yn y sector anifeiliaid.


Digwyddiadau Cymdeithasol:

Mae ein digwyddiadau cymdeithasol yn amrywio o nosweithiau allan gyda thema, i ddigwyddiadau di-alcohol fel nosweithiau o raglenni dogfennol, bingo, cwis a llawer mwy - mae rhywbeth at ddant pawb!

Yn ogystal â digwyddiadau cymdeithasol bob pythefnos, mae AAVS hefyd yn trefnu darlithoedd gyda gwesteion bob mis, a theithiau sy’n gysylltiedig ag anifeiliaid. Yn ogystal â chynrychioli AAVS mewn digwyddiadau fel Superteams a Her Aber sy’n cael eu cynnal gan Undeb y Myfyrwyr.




Mae manylion am y pwyllgor eleni (2021-2022) i'w gweld isod.