A-Team top tips on what do during your first week in Aber

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Yay you’re here! While your parents are most likely fretting to make sure you're sorted and have bought you enough pasta for six months; whether they’re lurking around for a couple of days or you just rocked up by yourself. Here are some ideas from us at the A-Team for you to make the most out of your first weeks in Aber!

  • While there is plenty to do, Aber isn’t going anywhere so take your time; wherever you want to go and explore town or just unpack, there will be plenty of time in Freshers to do everything before term starts.
  • Flatmates - talk to them, get to know them; congratulations you’re now living with them!
  • Free Dominos Pizza
  • Get to know campus and what’s going on in your departments
  • Make your room how you want it - If not you might not until after Christmas. Snapfish free prints - Things to remind you of home.
  • Maybe go for walk, get lost in town.  Check out the castle at night!


Don’t panic!!!  Easier said than done, we know, when you are somewhere totally new. Staff and students are on hand to help you. Just relax, unpack, chat to housemates.

Make sure you have a few basic groceries and food in the house for the upcoming week. 


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