What do we mean by University Matters and Academic Advice?

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You may sometimes hear the AberSU and its Advice Service refer to providing advice on ‘University Matters’ or ‘Academic Advice’ but what do we actually mean by this and why is it so important to the Students’ Union?

Advice on University Matters refers to advice given on policies or procedures that oversee working practices relating to your course of study or your conduct as a student.

This includes but isn’t limited to where you want to:


Appeal a mark

Where you believe your performance has been adversely affected by personal issues or when there has been an administrative error or irregularity during your assessment.


Make a Complaint

Where you are dissatisfied with the university’s action or lack of action, or about the standard of service provided by or on behalf of the university.


Make the university aware of Special Circumstances

Where you believe personal issues have had or may have a negative impact on your performance for example illness, a mental health crisis or bereavement.


Or are:


Suspected of Unacceptable Academic Practice

Where you are suspected of cheating, plagiarism or collusion and have been asked to attend a formal panel.


Invited to discuss your Attendance or Academic Progress

Where your progress evidenced by attendance or submission is highlighted as unsatisfactory and you are invited to meet with your Department/Faculty.


The Advice Service can help students with any of the topics above by:

  • Explaining the regulations and procedures relating to each;
  • Reviewing any draft statements that you prepare and offer suggestions;
  • Helping you to collate appropriate evidence to support your case;
  • Accompany you to any meetings to provide support and representation.

Because we are independent from the university we are able to represent you without conflict of interest and as such are the only service on campus that provides such help. It is actually one of the core objects for why the AberSU exist!

For more information on the AberSU Advice Service including how to get in touch visit www.abersu.co.uk/advice.


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