The Big Meeting - What happened?

Dim sgoriau eto. Mewngofnodi i Raddio

On Monday we held The Big Meeting! The Big Meeting is our Annual General Meeting, which is completely student-led requiring 100 students in attendance with 157 students attending this year.

Being a Big Meeting, we covered several aspects of business including the approval of organisations the union affiliates as well as the appointment of auditors and elections returning officer.

We then moved onto the ideas as submitted by students, with the following ideas passed:

  • Changing the voting system – Students passed policy for the Union to introduce an anonymous voting system in Senedd meetings to replace voting cards.
  • Team Aber Mascot – Students passed policy for the Union to purchase a Team Aber mascot which can attend BUCS fixtures.
  • We want to see funding for Sport – Students passed policy for the University to increase investment with a new Astroturf prioritised ahead of new and existing refurbishments.
  • Make Aberystwyth the UK’s First Palm Oil Sustainable University – Students passed policy for the University to only sell sustainable Palm Oil.
  • Clear cut and concise – Students passed policy to allow Senedd members to agree and submit one amendment for an emergency idea during Senedd meetings.
  • Counter to the decision to Boycott Prevent Strategy – Students have voted to reverse the decision made at the last meeting to Boycott Prevent.

All ideas passed at the meeting are done so pending final approval by the Board of Trustees.

The next meeting will be a meeting of Senedd on Monday 25th February. All students can submit ideas and speak at Senedd, but only members of Senedd can vote. The deadline for ideas is Monday 11th February.


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