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  1. Tell us a little about yourself including your involvement with Societies at the university…

I am currently a 3rd Year Astrophysics student, and will be doing a bespoke dissertation about Perturbation of Cometary Orbits by Planetary Objects, which will entail coding and using software.

I joined the Robotics Society in  late 2016, where I helped Children from local schools to build what project they had chosen. In 2017, I became the Societies Secretary, and made sure that any information was noted down and that anything that needed doing, was done. Then this year I became the President, where I organised the Freshers Fair stall and have been trying to help out to the best of my ability in the sessions when needed. I have also helped out during Science Weeks, that have happened in the past.


  1. Have you faced any challenges or barriers being a woman following your interests in robotics?

I specifically haven’t faced any challenges following my interest in Robotics; everyone has been extremely helpful and when I have the opportunity to help I try, but my knowledge isn’t as great as many of the women who help the children to learn Robotics, such as Patricia Shaw or Hannah Dee.


  1. Is there a particular woman who inspires you or has influenced your life?

I think mainly it has been my Mum, Sister and Nans; they have always been supportive of me and believed in me. Giving me helpful advice and showing me that if I put my mind to something and do my best, nothing else matters.


  1. What would you say to other women who are thinking about taking part or are interested in the Robotics Society but are not sure if it is for them?

I would say, give it a try or you won’t ever know if you like it or are good at it. Everyone has their strengths, whether it be in software or hardware, designing or doing. Giving it a try won’t hurt and may lead to something very interesting.

If you are worried about not knowing what to do, we have worksheets that are helpful and lots of people who will be happy to show you if you get stuck. If you are still worried, we can learn together, step by step.


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