Societies Awards 2019 - The Winners

Dim sgoriau eto. Mewngofnodi i Raddio

On the 1st of April we held our annual Aber SU Societies Awards. This evening was a chance for Aber SU to celebrate and thank exceptional societies and individuals that truly make Aberystwyth great.

All those shortlisted and the winners are nominated, decided and awarded by Aberystwyth students – student led from nomination to presentation.

This year’s winners were:

Society of the Year: Beer Pong

Biggest Contribution (Charity): Nightline

Biggest Contribution (Non-Charity): Conservation Volunteers

Best New Society: Aber Dogs

Academic Society of the Year: Mathematics

Most improved Society: Erasmus

Welsh Language Awards: Labour

Administrative Excellence: Juliet Owens

Society Personality of the Year: John Hale

Society Person of the Year: Melissa Roberts

Champions Award: Crisis Games


University Colours:

Angharad Ford, Cameron Wright, Cara Lynsey Jenkins, Chloe Wilkinson-Silk, Crystal Webster, Dafydd Reeves, Daniel Hardman, John Hale, Juliet Owens, Kerri Veal, Charlotte Marie Carter, Judy Hazeldene, Emma Mernane, Liam Bird, Martin Cole, Robin Church, Scott Jeffery, Melissa Roberts, Harry Adams, Sarah Cole, Kieran Doyle, Susy Williams, Hugh Maitland-Jones, Ben Tandy 


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