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Our third article of the week is about Tickled Pink. As part of their fundraising and education efforts for CoppaFeel! and Breast Cancer Now, they organise a whole range of events such as glitter parties, quiz nights, boob ball tournament and boob schools! Read more about their volunteering journey so far…

What do you do as a society?

We work for 2 breast cancer charities, CoppaFeel! and Breast Cancer Now. The charity CoppaFeel! was set up to educate and remind every young person in the UK that checking their boobs isn’t only a fun thing to do, but also lifesaving. Our motto is: ‘Knowing your boobs could save your life’ and we spread this message through our fundraising events, ‘boob chat’ stalls and even free text reminders. In the spirit of CoppaFeel! we try to talk about our serious message in a light-hearted way - which is why you may see us around campus wearing giant inflatable boobs! Breast Cancer Now aim to support and campaign for those diagnosed with breast cancer and help them to get the assistance they need and deserve. As a society, we represent these two charities and work tirelessly to create a safe place in which students and members of the local community feel they can come and talk to us about how to get to check for signs and symptoms of breast cancer. We are one of over 60 Uni Boob Teams across the country and are the team who has raised the most money for CoppaFeel! so far with our total standing at £2,340! We’ve proudly raised this much for our charities through our infamous glitter parties, our naked calendar sales, boob ball tournament, quiz nights, bake sales, boob schools... the list goes on, but all the hard work is incredibly rewarding.

Why do you volunteer?

Our aim is to make sure young people of all genders get to know their ‘normal’ and how to check for signs and symptoms of breast cancer. We volunteer because we want to raise awareness to as many people as possible because one day, our message could save a life. We want to squash the stigma of embarrassment when talking about our bodies and make checking boobs/pecs a regular thing. We are incredibly lucky to be able to volunteer for these charities at university, because we feel we can make a real difference across campus and therefore young peoples lives. There is a common myth that men and young people cannot get breast cancer, which is why it is important to educate and inform people across campus.

What’s your biggest feel good moment as volunteers?

Cancer has affected most people of all ages and in many ways. Often, we are approached in person or via social media by students or members of the public who tell us their personal stories. When this happens, it makes us realise that we are raising awareness for something so important to so many people. This is our biggest feel good moment because we know that we are making a real difference to peoples’ lives.

What benefits have you gained from volunteering?

Volunteering has given us an amazing sense of achievement. From being the highest fundraisers of all Uni Boob Teams, to being the Students Union society of the month, we have achieved so much this year so far which we are incredibly proud of. Our confidence has grown massively since being part of this society, as it really pushes you to be outgoing and try new things. It is a brilliant way to make new and long-lasting friendships with people who are passionate about volunteering too.

Upcoming events

We have plans for a Boob Brunch, Booby Bingo, another quiz night and our usual Glitter parties. We are also taking part in the Societies Festival with Bangor, which we are super excited about. We will also be showing CoppaFeel!’s founders documentary and do more boob schools with societies and clubs. Training is underway for the Race for Life in May which we are all signed up for.

Current Committee: Sophie Wyld, Phoebe Richardson, Rachel Kathrens and Alex Hughes





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