Shining a light on Student Volunteers - Final Day!

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Our fifth and final article of the of the week is about Pippa. Pippa has a number of AberSU volunteering roles and she regularly attends out one-off action days, including some over Student Volunteering Week!  

What Volunteering roles do you have?

Currently I’m an Academic Rep for History, I’m also a Money Buddy Volunteer and a Student Reviewer.

In the past I've volunteered in a lower school classroom helping with reading and extra support. I've also helped at various events around my village, and with different activities and local groups as part of GirlGuiding UK.

Why do you volunteer? 
I volunteer because of the way I was raised I think, as strange as it sounds. My Mum works full time as a teacher, raised three daughters, and still found time to be the leader of the local Scout and Guide groups while I was growing up. I also remember being part of many church/village events - Mum has always given up a lot to try and be there as often as people ask. It just makes sense in our family (I know my sisters are the same way, and Mum got it from her parents) to give up a little of our time to help other people. 

What's your best feel good moment as a volunteer?
When I started upper school, we got Friday afternoons off every week. Rather than spend the extra hours at home, I started going back to my lower school to help in one of the classes. I always considered becoming a teacher, and being able to see the progress made during the school year was always incredibly rewarding.

What benefits have you gained from volunteering?
Volunteering has taught me to be more patient with people, communicate better, and has helped me to develop leadership qualities I really don't think I would have without volunteering. It's also always a good feeling knowing you're doing something to help somebody else, even if it's just something small.


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