Shining a light on Student Volunteers - Day 3

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Our third article of the week is about Daniel Colhart. Daniel is the second student to have achieved our Gold Aber Award since September as a result of recording over 120 hours of volunteering! Find out more about how he achieved this.

What Volunteering roles do you have?

Observer/Finance Officer for St John Aberystwyth LINKS

Special Constable with Dyfed Powys Police


Why do you volunteer?

The main reason I volunteer is to provide support to the community. St John Ambulance is very proactive in providing support to both University and community events so as a consequence this allows me to go into the community and have an impact on those in need. The skills I learn from this role are extremely valuable and are vital to me as I can take those skills with me into the workplace and into my role as a Special Constable.

I volunteer as a Special Constable for Dyfed Powys Police primarily because I want to make a difference to the community and I enjoy the varied work we get involved in. This can extend from providing high visibility patrols through the town center, safeguarding vulnerable members of the public, dealing with crime and working alongside other divisions within the Police, such as CID, the Digital Crime Unit and the Dog Section. 


What is your best feel good moment as a volunteer?

Recently I helped a gentleman who was unconscious at the side of the road. I spoke to him a few days later and found out he was beginning to get better after I had managed to get him to hospital.


What benefits have you gained from volunteering?
Within LINKS I have gained a vast array of both First Aid knowledge and patient management knowledge. These have helped me in my everyday life and allowed me to have the confidence to deal with any situation that I am faced with.

Being a Special Constable has given me the ability to directly have a positive impact on the community. It always makes you feel good when you can see the impact you have had on the people that you deal with.

If you want to find out more about volunteering as a special constable, go to


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