RESULTS - Spring Volunteer Officer By-Elections and Academic Rep Elections

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Spring Volunteer Officer By-Elections and Academic Rep Elections

Thank you to everyone who stood and congratulations to the winners, we look forward to working with you in the year ahead. We will contact successful candidates to make them aware of next steps and organise training.

A full breakdown of voting is available on request by emailing

Positions where Re-Open Nominations (RON) were elected will be shared with the relevant Department and these positions will be re-opened in the October Elections.

International Students Officer

Yuyao Wang

Mature Students’ Officer

Richard Hodgetts

Postgraduate Students’ Officer                                   

Elliot Jordan Sheehy

Aberystwyth Business School

Year 2 Marketing Representative

Teegan Harris

Year 2 Accounting Representative

James Evans

Year 2 Tourism Representative

Carolmarie Chamberlin

Year 3 Tourism Representative

Monika Laura Kramarz

Year 3 Accounting Representative

Kirsty Harrison

Law and Criminology

Year 2 LLB Representative

Amara Tamblyn

Lauren Pickens

Year 3 LLB Representative

Emily Harris|

James Watson

Year 3 Criminology Representative

SaoirseLee Davies

Computer Science

Year 2 Comp Sci Representative

Nika Karsanova

Joel Adams

Arsalan Azmi

Huzefa Syed

Year 3 Comp Sci Representative

Felix Thomas

Year in Industry Representative

Laura Wilkinson

Department of English and Creative Writing

Year 2 Joint Honours Representative

Kristiana Dzenite

Year 2 English Literature Representative

Issy Rixon

Year 2 English Literature and Creative Writing Representative

Alice Tucker

Year 3 Joint Honours Representative

Kirsty Fairfield

Year 3 English Literature Representative

Natalia Elliot

Department of Geography and Earth Sciences

Year 2 Geography Representative

Charlie Pugh

Iwan James Davies

Year 2 Physical Geography Representative


Year 3 Environmental Earth Science Representative

Zhang Jinglin

Year 3 Physical Geography Representative

Lauren Mitchell

Department of History and Welsh History

Year 2 Welsh Medium Representative

Charlie Ieuan Leah

Year 2 History Representative

Mark Marshall

Year 2 Joint and Combined Honours Representative

James Young

Year 3 History Representative

Christopher Dale

Year 3 Welsh Medium Representative

Mennamae Thomas|

Department of Mathematics

Year 4 Representative

Joel Greenwood

Department of Modern Languages

Year 2 German Representative

William Bullock

Year 3 French Representative

Chantelle Patton-Hallett

Department of Physics

Year 2 Representative

Peter McGoldrick

Year 3 Representative

Frankie Targett

Kate Warren

Julia Hetmanek

Year 4 Representative

Leandra Craine

Department of Psychology

Year in Industry Representative

Jacob Legg

Year 2 Representative

Angela Connor

Celeste Humphreys

Rose Carver

Year 3 Representative

Megan Leonie Green

Priyasha Das

     Hannah Skidmore

Department of Theatre, Film and Television

Year 2 Drama and Theatre Studies Representative

Rachel Barwise

Year 2 Film and Television Studies Representative

Marin Beriša

Year 2 Scenography and Theatre Design Representative

Jake Christie

Year 3 Media and Communication Studies Representative

Harvey Franks

Year 3 Film and Television Studies Representative

   Alice Henning


Year 2 Animal and Aquatic Sciences Representative

Damion-James Foster

Cait Lowe

Year 2 Biology and Health Representative

Rosedona Williams|

Thomas Grehan

Year 3 Animal and Aquatic Sciences Representative

Helen Hein

Year 3 Biology and Health Representative

Zoe Jenkins

School of Art

Year 3 Representative

   Emily Brookes

School of Education

Year 2 Education Representative

Callan McMahon

Year 2 Childhood Studies Representative

Ffion Taylor

Rebecca Jones



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