RESULTS : AberSU Celebrates Staff and Students 2020

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AberSU is proud to present the third (and final) award evening of AberSU Celebrates 2020:

The AberSU Celebrates Staff and Students Awards 2020.

These awards support best practice by highlighting teaching excellence and recognising the contributions of staff and students to the student experience.

Thank you to this year’s panel members: Zoe Jenkins (IBERS Academic Rep) Gareth Thomas (Law and Criminology Academic Rep) Nathaniel Pidcock (President Elect) Tim Woods (PVC of teaching, learning and student experience) & Chloe Wilkinson-Silk (SU Officer team).

We would like to congratulate everyone that was nominated, as well as those winning the categories this evening.


The winner of this award has been described as dedicated, approachable and passionate in their role.

They have constantly championed the voice of students, built great relationships with staff within the department and have always attending SSCCs.

By being active and effective in their role, not only have they have allowed their peers to feel more confident in voicing their feedback, but they have also helped to make changes which have improved the experience of their peers, and will benefit future students.

Congratulations to Kate Warren (Physics).



The winner of this award was described as an inspiring and engaging lecturer.

Through their use of skype conferences, music, and student-led group presentations, they have helped to provide an in-depth understanding of multiple topics through a range of creative ways.

Congratulations to Gillian McFadyen (International Politics)!



The winner of this award is known to promote the Welsh Language at every opportunity.

Furthermore, they have been particularly valued by the Geography Society as they have repeatedly translated social media posts and held Welsh lessons for students of all abilities to attend.

The winner is of this award is Iwan Davies (Department of Geography and Earth Sciences)! 



The winner of this award has shone a light on career opportunities that may not have otherwise been considered.

Furthermore, they helped to identify interests and transferable skills from part-time work and academic studies that will help to give an upper hand in job applications. 

The student ended the nomination with “I would be finishing off this final year with a clouded idea of what to do next, but with her support I feel more ready than ever to start my next adventure.”

Congratulations to Annabel Latham (School of Education).



The standard of nominations for this award was particularly high, so congratulations to all those shortlisted.

The winner of this award received 4 nominations, and was described as supportive, patient and approachable. Not only are their tutorials engaging and full of discussion, but their tutees feel that they can easily approach this tutor for help with both with academic and personal issues.

Numerous nominations highlighted how this person has helped to improve students’ university experience and has gone above and beyond their role in doing so.

The winner of this award is Bill Perkins (Department of Geography and Earth Sciences)! Congratulations!



The winner of this award was praised multiple times by students for their ability to engage students with their learning, even at 9am!

Their use of clear explanations, informative examples, and even the use of stickers and memes when teaching and marking helps students to understand and remember topics.

They’ve been described as an amazing teacher who puts in extra effort to provide the perfect balance of education and enjoyment.

The Winner is Panna Karlinger (School of Education and Tutor for Department of Mathematics)! Congratulations!



The winner of this award was described as someone who is willing to help and clearly cares about their job. They are someone who always has a smile on their face and works hard to help and signpost students when needed. To further their role, they have also come up with ideas to help get students more involved with campus activities.

Congratulations to the winner of this award, Khai Jackson (Psychology)! Congratulations!



The winner of this award was described as a hugely important member of the Girlguiding community and is a wonderful role model to the girls who attend the brownie unit.

A lot of planning goes into running a unit, and she does this alongside balancing her academic responsibilities. As a result of her dedication, she was able to keep the brownie unit open, and even organise a camp day for brownies and rainbows in the community!

The winner is Daphne Pacey (History and Welsh History)! Congratulations!



The winner of this award was described as being professional, polite and able to provide support as speedily as possible. 

This individual has navigated her way around multiple archival partnerships both within the UK and abroad to help a student obtain obscure sources that were difficult to access for their dissertation.

The student ended the nomination with “It is sometimes the support staff you least expect who truly enhance your University experience by helping you get over the 'finish line' and complete your degree”.

The winner of this award is Siân Jones (Information Services)! Congratulations!



The winner of this award was described as being inspiring and motivating to students, while also showing great empathy and understanding for their mentees issues. They have helped their students tackle a range of issues, from settling into their department to developing a positive mind-set. This student truly embodied what it means to be a great mentor.

Congratulations to Rezija Madara Fridrihsone (School of Art), this year’s student mentor of the year! Congratulations!



The winner of this award was chosen because of multiple nominations which described their excellent level of support, guidance and motivation. Furthermore, they have been an invaluable help in allowing their students to get multiple papers published, as well as provide further opportunities to travel, teach and learn, further enriching students’ academic research and careers.

One of the nominations finished with “I truly could not have asked for a better supervisor, and count myself incredibly privileged to have had such a great mentor”.

The winner of this award is Tom Holt (Department of Geography and Earth Sciences). Congratulations.



The winner of this award received multiple nominations, one of which could be considered a piece of academic work in its’ own right! This lecturer was described as being an expert in their field with an ability to take this knowledge and present it in ways easy to understand and enjoy by students. They are passionate about students and their learning, always endeavouring to make time for their pupils and answer their requests and questions. This individual has had a real impact on student development, helping them discover their full potential both within and beyond the lecture theatre. They truly have the passion, knowledge, and love for their subject and students that embodies this award.

The winner of Lecturer of the Year is Peadar Ó Muircheartaigh (Department of Welsh and Celtic Studies)! Congratulations!



The winner of department of the year was described by students as more than just an academic department, but instead a family. While some nominations commended the department’s academic excellence, highlighting innovative resources and engaging teaching, what really shone through was student’s love for this department beyond the classroom. Staff were described as being ‘down to Earth’ and always encouraging, helping students develop and preparing them for their future. Students felt that no matter the time or worry, their department would be more than willing and able to assist them. This department is truly a welcoming community that students are glad to call home!

The winner of Department of the Year is Department of Psychology! Congratulations!


A huge congratulations to all nominees and winners of the 2020 AberSU Celebrates Staff and Students Awards.

Da iawn / Well done from us all at AberSU.


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