Dim sgoriau eto. Mewngofnodi i Raddio

AberSU proudly presents the results for the 2021 AberSU Celebrates Societies Awards.

These awards recognise the contribution of societies and individual students in enhancing the Aber University experience.

This year we received 250 nominations & the shortlisting panel met virtually to read through the nominations and make some tough decisions.

We would like to congratulate everyone that was nominated as well as those winning the categories this evening.

Congratulations to all.


This society has gone above and beyond to continue to raise money and awareness for their chosen charity throughout numerous lockdowns. They have come up with a range of activities including: their traditional naked calendars, walkathons, lottery, raffles, challenges, ‘boob schools’ via Zoom to raise awareness, being active on social media and more.

Congratulations Tickled Pink!

  1. Tickled Pink
  2. Marrow



This person has certainly enhanced the reputation of Aberystwyth by representing the society in two different National online competitions, where she was part of the competition team that came 1st in Wales and 4th in the UK in one of them, and scored very highly as a soloist in the other. Her participation and hard work during these competitions allowed us to connect with similar societies across the UK and make a name for ourselves and Aberystwyth.

She has come a long way this year and has made the society and University very proud, and I hope that her dedication and hard work can be recognised with this award.

Congratulations Stefani Dimitrova - KPOP

  1. Stefani Dimitrova (KPOP)
  2. Serky Marchant (English & Creative Writing)
  3. Kyerra Grasedyck (EcoEducation)



The winning society this year has managed to be an incredibly active society despite the difficult year, due to the adaptability and hard work of its committee members. They have held weekly rehearsals via Teams, hosting online musical theatre workshops with industry professionals via Zoom, as well as staging three online showcases giving the members an opportunity to perform.

Congratulations Curtain Call!

  1. Curtain Call
  2. Aberystwyth Conservation Volunteers
  3. ACMUN – Aberystwyth Crisis Games & Model UN



This person’s official role within the society barely touches the surface on the amount of work this person has done for the society during their time in post. They have devoted so much of their time and university experience into the society and has always been at the forefront of the society’s achievements. Being Social Secretary they have come up with fun and exciting covid safe socials and challenges and  taken on the responsibilities of secretary, represented the society for the Old College fundraiser, attended zones and has also been the society’s representative on Senedd. Members say that BeeSoc would not have been anywhere near as fun without her.

Congratulations Sabina O’Donoghue – Bee Conservation!

  1. Sabina O'Donoghue (Bee Conservation)
  2. Isaac Langran (InterPol)
  3. Katherine Taylor (Curtain Call)



This society has delivered enjoyable lessons for Welsh beginners online every fortnight and engaged those interested in learning the language, despite the challenging situation and delivering workshops online.

Congratulations Geography!

  1. Geography
  2. ACV



This person has not only undertaken every role within the society committee this year, but also saved the society from disbanding by dedicating a huge proportion of their time to meeting with SU officers and national members of the association to redevelop the society from scratch. They have stepped into the role of president, rewritten codes of conduct & policies and arranged covid safe meet ups to appeal to new members (successfully attracting 15+ new members despite a difficult year).

Congratulations Alexandra Blumen – Nightline!

  1. Alexandra Blumen (Nightline)
  2. Gabriela Hricova (Photography)
  3. Finley Reynolds (Fantasy & Sci-Fi)



This society has continued their core activity and raising awareness throughout the pandemic. They have teamed up with multiple conservation based societies to hold a Societies Festival, have held joint socials with other societies raising members’ awareness of environmental issues and held constant challenges for members during the pandemic.

 Bee Conservation

  1. ACV
  2. EcoEducation



This year, the winning society has been dedicated to enriching the university experience of all those who study in the department, as well as those who do not. The society works closely with the English department staff, and often work together to make sure members have the best possibilities and events that contribute to their studies instead of distracting them.

Congratulations English & Creative Writing!

  1. English & Creative Writing
  2. Law
  3. Mathematics



This society has kept activities running throughout the academic year and have adapted their activities to reflect the current guidelines, while also ensuring that they can continue to provide services to nature, engage with their members and the wider community.

Members have taken part in 27 hours of volunteering through society’s organised activities when guidelines allowed. They have also organised online socials, raised £61 for local charity via their RAG event; their social media accounts have been active throughout and have encouraged members to complete weekly tasks from home.

Congratulations ACV!

  1. Aberystwyth Conservation Volunteers - ACV
  2. English & Creative Writing
  3. KPOP


This is an extremely coveted award with a maximum of 25 available to give out per year. Full Society Colours are awarded to individual students who have shown continued and outstanding dedication or made an exceptional contribution to their society.

Receiving University Society Colours this year are:

Aisleen Sturrock

Alexandra Blumen

Aline Bruck

Amber McNeil

Callum Jones

Finley Reynolds

Gabriela Hricova

Grace Sawyer

Jess Weale

Katherine Taylor

Kyerra Grasedyck

Lauren Dunkley

Megan Bunker

Megan Limburn

Olga Olver

Rebecca Howarth

Roisin Donnelly

Sabina O’Donoghue

Serky Marchant

Siân Allen


A huge congratulations to all nominees and winners of the 2021 AberSU Celebrates Socieities Awards.


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