No Excuses

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Molly-Jean Longden, Wellbeing Officer

Hey there guys, gals and non-binary pals <3

Yesterday, we launched our new campaign: No Excuses! We believe that all our students and staff have the right to live, work and study in an environment free from fear of bulling, harassment and violence. We’re teaming up with the university and local providers to say no to Bullying, Harassment, Violence and other inappropriate behaviours and encourage our students and staff on campus to challenge and call out these behaviours to put an end to it. There are No Excuses, full stop.

Things like bullying, harassment and violence often start with beliefs about a person’s identity, forming prejudices against groups of people. No Excuses is a campaign that calls out those behaviours and prejudices – even before they are formed – through pledges, action, marches, art and learning to understand each other.

This campaign has come from many years of policy coming through the union on Zero Tolerance and protection of beliefs and identity and as a union, we decided something bigger needed to be done to make a change!

So our pledge to you is that we’ll be working to create a cultural change on campus, educate students and staff on unacceptable behaviour, launching a new online reporting system in partnership with the university, highlight the various sources of support available and where from and finally (for now) working with local businesses and venues in town to create safe spaces for victims.

All we ask of you is to sign our pledge and if you wanna get really involved in this campaign then why not become an Advocate for Change and help us to work on making our campus a safer and friendlier place!

If you want to know more about the campaign, find out the services around us, find out more about the reporting system or just find out what the situation is then visit us here.

I’m really excited to be launching this amazing campaign and would like to take a moment to thank all those people who’ve worked tirelessly to make this campaign a reality, especially our staff team for making this happen. And thank you to those in the university and those on the changing the culture group for starting the ball rolling with your passion and your support.

Muchos love to you all and remember – there are No Excuses. Full Stop.



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