Microwaves now available in the Students’ Union

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Following the submission of an idea through our ‘Your Ideas’ on our website. We’ve listened and recognise you wanted a space on campus to heat up your food!

AberSU have purchased two microwaves to be available in the Underground of the Students’ Union on weekdays during term-time between 9am and 4pm.

Molly-Jean Longden, Wellbeing Officer said:

“It’s great to see our students’ ideas really coming to fruition. This will greatly help all those with a reduced budget but still want to eat hot meals, all those people during exams that are on campus for hours on end and just your average student who wants to heat up a cheeky pasty.

I’m excited to see this come to life and for our students to get something tangible back from the ideas they have submitted.”

For more information on how to submit an idea, visit our website.


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