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What is #LoveSUs?

The #LoveSUs  this year focuses on how SUs impact the lives of individual students. This NUS led campaign highlights the value of Students’ Union activities and what we do for all students.

Thursday 29 November is #LoveSUs Day of Action, where we come together to highlight the impact of students’ unions on individual students and why we're incredibly proud of all our amazing work. 

On #LoveSUs Day we'll be asking you to highlight the positive impact your students' union has had on you. We are hoping to promote your incredible stories, so if you’re interested please get in touch with us and join the campaign.

Our previous #LoveSUs Days have received a huge amount of support with students, officers and others sharing the reasons why they love students' unions.

Our Impact this year:

54% of students engaged with the SU – either through team aber, support or elections

Tim Aber

  • 2731 Tim Aber members
  • 55 sports clubs
  • 89 societies
  • 2572 Society Memberships
  • 1784 Sports Club Memberships
  • 30 teams entered into the BUCS league programme for the Season 2018-19 with a 25% win rate!
  • 50% of Tim Aber Presidents, Treasurers ,and Secretaries are Women
  • 123 sports clubs and societies attended SU Fairs in September
  • SU Fairs in September 2018 were attended by almost half the students in Aberystwyth – over 180 different organisations participated over the two days!

Helping you be happy and healthy!

  • 110 advice cases since September
  • 651 accessed advice information online 
  • Housing Fair attracted over 500 students. Last year survey showed that over 10% of attendees choose their place to live thanks to the Housing Fair

Giving you the last word!

  • 2832 voters in our Spring Elections – a record 35% of students!
  • 8 ideas passed, with another 6 to be discussed at The Big Meeting next week
  • 6 Volunteer Officers (another 3 due to be voted in this week)
  • 5 Faculty Reps
  • 43 Current Ongoing Policies - All coming from students
  • 238 nominations for student and staff awards
  • 57% of students agree the students’ union effectively represents students’ their academic interest
  • 212 reps have been recruited and 83% have been trained this year.
  • Over 25 training sessions delivered to reps


  • 201 registered volunteers
  • 2090 volunteering hours recorded (so far!)
  • 3 action days involving 30 students, including nursery volunteering and beach cleaning


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