Faculty Officers attending Faculty Academic Affairs Committees

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Our Faculty Officers have been attending their Faculty Academic Affairs Committees in the last week, and here is an overview of some of issues and ideas they were able to raise and contribute towards.

As Faculty Officers, their role is to ensure there is student representation within these meetings, and by talking to reps and students within their faculty, they can raise feedback about learning and teaching and/or student experience with senior staff. It’s these conversations between staff and students that help to identify problems, make changes and improve your university experience. Thanks to our Faculty Officers this term for their efforts!


Kristy Bell (krb20@aber.ac.uk) - Faculty of Business and Physical Sciences (UG)

I’ve been able to raise blackboard and MS Teams issues which are causes students some difficulties to get online for lectures, so I am now working with the Faculty to make the process of accessing online teaching more consistent across the Faculty. We are also looking into making it easier for students to find all their deadlines. I am always open to hear your voices, and I will do what I can to make the changes you guys want to see. You can always email me or find me on Facebook if there is anything you want to discuss. 


Adam Burlingham (adb33@aber.ac.uk) - Faculty of Arts and Social Science (UG)

I had a great FAAC meeting in which I contributed primarily to discussions on taking the Employability Module (run by the Law and Business school) to other departments. As a student already on this module, I was able to provide an account of what it involves and how its benefits students. The intention is that other departments within the faculty will develop a similar module for their students. I also provided comment on considerations concerning external examiners and long-term teaching approaches, and then relayed the headline comments/ findings from my own report so far to the Committee, which they thanked me for (commenting that it was great to have such an active contribution from student representation this year)! 


Ellen Hjort( elh59@aber.ac.uk) – Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences (PG)

Charlie Pugh (chp50@aber.ac.uk) - Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences (UG)

Account from Ellen – I discussed issues which had been raised in SSCCs and departmental meetings. I put forward three main comments which were that some students are experiencing disengagement from the department with the online teaching. Some taught postgraduates across the departments had also experienced a confusing start to the semester, indicating a need to develop collaboration with the graduate school. I also brought up that students have requested more study spaces on campus and especially a greater flexibility. The main reason that there are fewer study spaces is the pandemic and risk of spread, for example the Llandinam think tank cannot be used for that purpose as it is a walkthrough space. Finally, I raised that students across the department have requested greater accessibility such as subtitles or a camera showing the lecturer to enable lip-reading in recorded materials. The university is currently investigating different software options to be able to use subtitles. 


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