Beware of unofficial Freshers Facebook pages and events

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At this time of year, unofficial freshers Facebook groups or pages start appearing. Many of these are set up by promoters or companies to gather personal details and to gain ticket sales to events they have organised.

These pages aren't run by us or the University, and you could lose money by joining them. Information is often posted by fake accounts, and in promotion of unofficial Freshers events, which may not even be real.

What do I do if I spot an ‘unofficial’ Freshers event or page?

If you see an offer or event on sale that isn’t featured on our website or on our social channels, please check with us first – or the University– before you part with any cash, and do not give away any personal details online.

Our events can be seen on our Whats on page (further information and tickets will be available soon).

Our officers and staff are on hand to answer any queries you may have via our Facebook page and via e-mail (

How do I know if an event is official?

All the official Freshers events will be published on our Facebook page and website, will have a bilingual description and will be accompanied by our official SU logo.

What are the official events?

AberSU is working with the University’s commercial services to bring you a range of in person and virtual events this year under the ‘Helo Aber’ brand.

Take a look at the whats on page for a list of events.

For the majority of events, tickets can be purchased via our website (which uses your university login and is therefore a secure way of signing up to events).

We also host the only official Aberystwyth Freshers facebook group ran by our officers and staff.

Official channels

Students' Union Facebook page

Official Freshers' Facebook group for 2021/22

Whats on page


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