Become a Student Reviewer

Dim sgoriau eto. Mewngofnodi i Raddio

Could you help us ensure new and current courses meet the needs of Aber students? If so then consider applying to be a Student Reviewer.

Student Reviewer is a new volunteer role where you will be trained to attend one-off events which approve and review courses. By becoming a Student Reviewer, you will have been chosen based on your skills and experience to feedback on the experiences of students.

The role is particularly useful to those looking to develop new and existing skills relating to research, critical thinking, reflection, analysis, diplomacy and meeting skills or those who simply want a greater understand of the university, its quality structures and processes.

As well as receiving a certificate at the end of the year, we are working on having the role recognise on HEAR transcript upon completion.

Megan Hatfield, Academic Affairs Officer said:

"Being a Student Reviewer is a great opportunity to acquire a greater insight into how the University works and use your skills to critically evaluate new and existing courses. By being a Student Reviewer you will obtain and build upon a wealth of highly sought after skills and have a real input into your University. This is a fantastic opportunity that I would encourage all students to consider getting involved with"

Applications are open to all students throughout the year and reviewed periodically. If selected you’ll be invited to training, added to bank of students and invited as events occur. Attendance is based on your availability and if you can make it you will be supported by the Academic Affairs Officer and Union Staff.

For more information or to apply visit:




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