Addressing student concerns

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We've had a growing number of queries come in about the changing circumstances that our students are currently facing. Many students have seen changes in their employment, are facing issues with private rented accommodation or are struggling to pay and stay in their tenancy agreements.

To address these concerns we've been in conversations with Ben Lake MP and his office, who have received many of the same kinds of queries. Whilst they explore what can be done from a Welsh Government perspective, we need to do as much as we can now to support students facing these issues.

We've been discussing possible solutions with Aberystwyth University, who share our concerns about the wellbeing of our students and we encourage anyone who is struggling to reach out to us through the AberSU Advice Service or through Student Support.

To address some of the issues raised by our students, we've drafted a letter to be sent out jointly by AberSU and Aberystwyth University with contributions from Aber Careers and NUS. The aim is to urge for some compassion and understanding in this time, and the letters call for actions that we believe will help our student body.

Letter to letting agents and landlords

Letter to local employers



AberSU President


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