Access to Office Fund

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This year we are launching our Access to Office fund. This is a fund reserved for students that face additional barriers to standing and campaigning in our elections. This is in addition to all reasonable adjustments that the Union would provide for candidates at centralised events e.g. step free access.   

This fund is reserved for students who self- identify as:  

  • Disabled – living with a chronic health condition, physical impairment, mental health condition or neurodiversity. We acknowledge the difficulties in access to professional support and accept self-diagnosis.   

  • Gender diverse – trans, non-binary or any gender outside of the traditional binary of man or woman   

  • Woman – includes everyone who identifies as a woman  

  • LGBTQUIA+ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Unidentified, Intersex, A-Sexual +   

  • BIPOC – Black, Indigenous, Person of Colour   

  • Independent - an umbrella term we use to describe students who identify as care-leavers, estranged students, refugees, young carers and/or parents in education.  

Examples of support mechanisms you could apply for include but are not limited to:  

  • Additional childcare costs for children under the age of 12  

  • BSL interpreter   

  • Taxi use during campaigning   

If you are standing as a pair, you can apply for this fund separately.   

Decisions around fund allocation will be based on need and impact on a candidate’s ability to campaign on an equitable level to others.  

All monies spent require evidence of purchase which must be sent to before 12pm Friday 18th March.   

To apply for the fund simply email outlining why you think the Access to Office Fund would remove barriers for you as a candidate and we will organise a one-to-one chat to establish what support we can put in place.   

All conversations will remain confidential.  


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